HSIO Technologies is a privately held company that began operations in mid-2010 in Maple Grove, Minnesota, a suburb in the Northwest quadrant of the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area. The company is focused on developing high performance interconnect technologies to serve semiconductor device and electronics systems developers and manufacturers. The company has established an ISO 7 facility to provide for product and technology development, low volume / high mix manufacturing, and development of “build anywhere” production processes for seamless transfer to high-volume capable business partners as needed.

Leveraging extensive interconnect device knowledge with proven semiconductor fabrication, printed circuit fabrication, and microelectronic assembly processes enables HSIO Technologies to quickly develop cost-effective, high-performance interconnect solutions across a wide variety of form factors.

Baseline process capabilities include:

  • Small form-factor, 1 to 12 layer microcircuit fabrication

  • 50µ and under feature geometries

  • Plated copper and alternate metallization schemes

  • Embedded passive components

  • Fine geometry milling and machining

  • Precision molding and stamping

  • Microelectronic assembly

The Company’s initial development programs are aimed at the mobile and computing device markets, with industry leading customers as evaluation partners.