Grypper Family Products

Unique Zero-Footprint, the only package size test socket requiring no additional hardware to hold the IC package

The Grypper family of test sockets is the next best thing of not having a contact at all. This high-electrical performance socket allows a BGA device to fit into the exact end use location for sample boards, failure analysis, and other applications were space is limited to only the IC package itself. The BGA IC package simply snaps into the socket.

Grypper test sockets incorporate twin beam contacts insuring minimal resistance. G80 test sockets reduce the force needed for insertions and are ideal for high ball count BGA IC packages.
The G40 test sockets, for 0.4 and 0.5 pitch IC packages, incorporates solder balls onto the contact so re‐flow into your application is the same as re‐flowing an IC to the test or sample board.